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our history 

Lovesmart Inc., was founded in 2020 by Valerie L. Williams who became a victim of Domestic Violence after being shot 3 times by her husband. Yes, research promotes facts and many experts suggest patterns, however, this wasn't the case for Valerie. A one time altercation with her husband, she tragically ended up in the hospital for three days after having been shot once in the head and twice into her right arm. Valerie begin to notice that young people were getting into serious relationships too soon and without the proper understanding and knowledge of how healthy relationships work which heightens their chances of becoming victims of abuse. In 2013, Valerie started going into the public schools, local teen centers and other social organizations and presenting the Lovesmart Program. In 2020, she decided it was time to establish LOVESMART INC. 501(c)(3)

The Lovesmart program consists of workshops and presentations, community outreach and dating curriculum.


Our Mission

LOVESMART INC., is a nonprofit that partners with youth, parents and community leaders to end dating abuse and domestic violence through community outreach, education and supportive services. LoveSmart Inc. provides Information and resources on dating violence and healthy dating attitudes and relationships for youth in hopes of creating a culture without abuse in teen dating relationships. Our mission is to create a community without violence through awareness, education and support at an early age to prevent violence in dating relationships.

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